"It's amazing the nutritional awareness I gained & the physical    results I saw in myself!"

  1. I have a home gym and have a several different trainers here and also have 3 daughters that workout with me and everyone of us love Carli she had a lot of knowledge on nutrition and her workouts are amazing I always wear a watch with heart rate and her workouts is about a hour long and they seem about 2O minutes (never boring) and burn any wear from 600/900 calories and they don't feel like they are killing you to get it done
    Angie Oaks
  2. I have trained with Carli for 7 years. She is professional and very knowledgeable. She is a true motivator and a very compassionate person. Carli is a real inspiration, and understands and approaches coaching/training as she does life.....that it's not a race, but an ongoing process that we can all continue to improve upon. What I really appreciate is Carli's understanding that my body is improving, but aging.....and sometimes adjustments are necessary. She is creative and always looking for ways to make our sessions interesting and fun -- yes, I actually said that -- they are super challenging, but really fun!
    Sue Colburn
  3. Carli is my ALL TIME favorite Personal Trainer.... Inspiring, Driven, Hard Core (when I need it) with a huge heart and bigger smile!!
    Simon Toozoff
  4. I've spent 5 years working out with Definite Fitness. These workouts changed my body, for the better, more than any other workouts. Always challenging, always customized and always pushing my limits. I've become leaner and stronger. This is not just showing up at the gym for a workout. We've shared food plans, recipes, work outs and thoughts, pushing us to become strong women in spirit and body.
    Jean Larson
  5. I have trained with Carli for over 4 years. She is exceptional!!!! Highly motivating, knowledgeable, and she will help you, find the best you. Carli is one of best things you can do for yourself.
    Tammie Barrios
  6. I would highly recommend Carli Elliott as a personal trainer ❗️Carli and I trained together for about 7 years. She is an extremely knowledgeable trainer; and has many certifications in different sorts of personal training. MOTIVATION is Carli's middle name ❗️She will set new short and long term goals frequently for each individual client.
    Melanie Rastrelli
  7. I highly recommend Carli as a personal trainer! She is one of the most upbeat and motivational people I have ever met. She is the ultimate professional at putting her clients first, in fact, when you train with her - she makes you feel like you are the only one in the room! Carli has a personal touch, is always watching for good form, and can quickly accommodate for those who may need an alternate exercise. Through the years, I have learned so much from her about health, working out, and overall wellness. She is so knowledgeable in all of these areas and has great ideas on what makes a good nutrition program. My favorite thing about Carli is accountability. She will call, text, facebook (whatever communication you prefer) to make certain you are accountable to your overall goals.
    Amy Trench
  8. Carli has been the only trainer I have stuck with for over 5 years! She is so knowledgeable about training and nutrition and completely changed my understanding of clean eating. Carli is exactly what you want in a trainer - patient, knowledgeable, hard core, fun and motivating. She goes above and beyond to find new recipes, meal plans, motivational quotes, new workouts ideas - anything to help her clients! I will always be thankful to Carli for her training... And over the years building a friendship.
    Melanie Price